We ship discreetly by parcel post in Europe without customs clearance or international shipping. During the checkout process you will be shown the shipping options for your PrEP depending on the country you reside in as well as their different prices and transit times.

Confirmation Emails (Check your spam folder if you don't receive our mails)

We like to keep you updated. Once you place an order, the store automatically emails you the order confirmation. Please check carefully the details of your delivery address, and let us know quickly if anything needs correcting.Β We will modify the shipping information before your package leave our hands.

Missed deliveries and returns to sender

Occasionally we have customers who miss their deliveries and notice that their package is waiting with the postal service. After a variable time depending on the carrier, the package will be returned to the sender.Β It is very important that you put your correct address on your order, including any apartment numbers. Incorrect or incomplete addresses will result in extra expense and time to receive your order. Once we clearly see that the package has been returned undelivered, we may issue a store credit for the product component minus the courier costs.


Tracking Numbers

We will send you the tracking number of the carrier.

Discreet packages

It does not include stickers or logos to indicate its contents.

SMS notifications

Receive real time order status updates by SMS on your phone.

Delivery attempts

You have 2 delivery attempts

Speed of shipment

Priority at the time of delivery.


We work with the best parcel delivery companies.


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